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Where client preference or other factors dictate that a completely flame-free system is required, Evex Self-Adhesive System provides an ideal solution.

Utilising the same base components as our TORCH-SAFE SYSTEM, it incorporates a high performance self-adhesive underlay and cap sheet for a complete cold-applied build-up. Evex Self-Adhesive cap sheet incorporates our innovative graphite firewall technology for complete fire safety and peace of mind.

Technical information:

  1. DACO-KSO+ Cap Sheet
  2. DACO-KSU+ Underlay
  3. Bitumen Fibreglass Matt faced thermal insulation
  4. DACO-KSD-B (Aluminium Reinforced VCL)
  5. SPRAYFIX Self-Adhesive Primer (as required)
  6. SUBSTRATE (e.g. timber deck)
Detailed Info.

Our systems are designed to maximise the protection and minimise the energy loss within any structure. Our innovative technologies are the result of significant investment in research and development, drawing on our wide-ranging experience and working with designers and architects to respond to the ever-changing needs of modern construction.

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